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Wordpress Automatic Plugin 3.16.0 Crack - free download

WordPress Automatic plugin posts quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Youtube Videos, Feeds posts, eBay auctions and Flicker images on auto-pilot. Just install and leave, it will work 24/7 to blog for you.

WordPress Automatic plugin key features:

- Auto post articles to wordpress
- Auto post content from Feeds
- Fetch full content from summary feeds
- Extract specific parts of original feeds posts
- Auto post amazon products to wordpress
- Auto post Clickbank products to wordpress
- Auto post Youtube videos to wordpress
- Auto post videos from specific youtube channel/user to wordpress
- Auto post eBay auctions to wordpress
- Auto post Flicker images to wordpress
- Automatic ads insertion
- Campaign based
- Post to specific category
- And MUCH more...!"

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WP Robot 4.10 Crack - free download

WP Robot 4.10: The best autoblogging plugin for WordPress. Trusted by more than 22,000 human users.

  • WP Robot is a complex autoblogging solution that offers a wide range of features and nearly unlimited possibilities for creating automatic content. While complex our plugin is still very easy to use thanks to its great support, integrated documentation and design built on user feedback. Below you will find an overview over the most important features.
  • Autoblogging For Any Topic. WP Robot can create automatic posts related to any topic or keyword you can think of! With over 20 content sources there is enough high quality content available for all niches.
  • Unlimited Keywords and Campaigns. WP Robot’s campaign system is completely flexible and allows you to create posts for an unlimited number of keywords on each blog. Long tail keywords are supported as well of course.
  • Monetization: Earn More From Your Websites. The plugin has 9 major affiliate networks implemented, which you can use to automatically post affiliate products and earn commission from your websites!
  • Powerful Post Templates. The templating system of WP Robot makes it possible to customize everything: Define the look of your autoposts, combine different modules, randomize the output.
  • Content Curation. WP Robot supports posting drafts and allows for manual review. Get ideas for great new articles and post curated content to your blog by adding your own thoughts.
  • Randomization. Many different randomization features in WP Robot make sure that your autoblog will look natural with diverse content and no unusual patterns that could be detected by search engines.
  • Compatible With All WordPress Themes. All WordPress themes are supported by WP Robot, including special video, image gallery or shopping themes. Because we think you should make the choice how your weblog looks!
  • Full Control. You decide how many autoposts you want, you set the post type, the new post status, in which category WP Robot should post and with which user account. There is a setting for everything!
  • Autoblogging With No Setup! After installation WP Robot is ready to start autoblogging immediately! By default the plugin uses WordPress own cron-job but advanced users can also set up their own.
  • Completely Legal. There is nothing shady about WP Robot. All content sources are legal to be used and published on your weblog. WP Robot uses official API programs by the content providers.
  • Featured Images and Image Storage. Save all remote images to your own server automatically to improve your search results. WP Robot sets a featured image for use in your WordPress theme as well.
  • International: Many Supported Languages. WP Robot makes autoblogging possible in German, Spanish, Italian, French and many other languages! See here for a full list of languages WP Robot can create content in.
  • Automatic Tagging and Keyword Replace. For each created autopost WP Robot adds related tags to your weblog and you can choose to have the plugin replace certain keywords or insert links for SEO reasons.
  • Bulk Posting and Backdating. Quickly filling a brand new site with content is easy with WP Robot: With a single click you can create hundreds of high quality articles and backdate them to look natural.
  • Content Curation and Manual Review. If you want to ensure the highest quality possible or add your own bits of text it is easy to have WP Robot create “draft” posts and review them before publishing.
  • Detailed Logs and Reporting. The plugin keeps a detailed log and report of all automatic posts it creates, making it easy for you to review what WP Robot does later on.
  • No Duplicate Content. Advanced checks and verifications make it impossible for the plugin to post the same piece of content to your site twice.
  • Spinning Software Integration. WP Robot integrates several popular rewriting programs you can use to automatically spin all articles the plugin posts. Currently supported are: TheBestSpinner, Spinnerchief, ChimpRewriter, SpinRewriter, WordAIand ContentProfessor
  • Integrated Into CMS Commander. With CMS Commander you can not only manage multiple WordPress weblogs from one central and secure dashboard. You can also control your WP Robot plugin in bulk on any number of sites to save lots of time! Bulk create campaigns on dozens of sites, copy settings from blog to blog and much more!
Over 20 Autoblogging Modules

WP Robot is made up of modules, each of which works like its own autoblogging plugin and provides you withcontent from one specific source. Our full version includes all modules and allows you to build the greatest autoblogs!

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WP Auto Post PRO 3.5 Crack - free download

A key installation, automatic extraction and publish articles, without human intervention

WP-AutoPost installation is very simple, just a few minutes, immediately began extract articles to update your site. According to the setting, automatically crawl web content, check whether the article is a duplicate, updated your site, all procedures are completed automatically, without human intervention. And we have a perfect customer service for business customers to provide technical support.
Support use "CSS Selector" or "Wildcards Match Pattern" accurately extract any content
Directional extract a page or site, only need to provide a URL of articles list, can be extract content from any site. Set simple rules can accurately extract the article title, article content and any other content.
Perfect support Wordpress, automatically set Categories, Tags, Excerpt, Featured Image and Custom Fields.
Perfect support the features of Wordpress, can choose Categories, Auto Tags(automatic creates tags for every post), automatically generate Excerpt, automatically set featured image, support Custom Post Type, Custom Taxonomies and Post Format. Even can extract any content to "WordPress Custom Fields", easy to extend.

Support Rewite(Spinning), can get readable and unique articles
Can use Translator rewite articles, get very unique articles, supports most languages​​, and Absolutely Free. And integrates several popular rewriting programs(Like WordAi, SpinRewriter) you can use to automatically spin all articles the plugin posts.

Support Microsoft Translator, automatically translated posts to other languages, easy to get unique articles.
Support Microsoft Translator, translated title and content to other languages (Support for 41 languages),easy to get unique articles.
Can downloaded remote images and any type attachments, and support add a watermark
Support downloaded remote images to local server and can set add a watermark(text or image). Other any type attachments also can be downloaded to local server.

Support automatically upload images to Flickr, save bandwidth and space, speed up your website
Support automatically upload the downloaded images to Flickr (1TB Large Free Storage), save your site's bandwidth and space, speed up your website.

Support SEO, content filtering, HTML tags filtering, keyword replacement, keywords add links, add custom content, custom the style of extracted article

Automatically remove the HTML comments and other unnecessary content, automatically add ALT attribute on images, filter links, keyword replacement, add links on keywords, that all good for SEO.

Support filter out content that does not want published(Such as advertising code, sensitive information). Even can add custom content in anywhere and custom the style of extracted article.

Program running in the background and does not affect the user experience
Plugin has two trigger modes, regularly running in the background and does not affect the user experience, and does not affect the efficiency of WordPress.

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No Hands SEO Crack - free download

Review of No Hands SEO

  1. The future of automated backlinking software
  2. Fully automated - incredibly easy to use
  3. Searches and posts to 50+ different platforms
  4. Highly customisable
  5. Lifetime updates
  6. Effortlessly improve your search rankings
  7. Too many amazing features to list here
  8. 7 day Full Refund Guarantee

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SEO Link Robot Crack - free download

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XRumer 5.09 Palladium. This software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. Program have a rich seven year history, which use experience of professionals in search engine optimization. Appreciate and use a truly unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners.

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SENuke XCr is the most powerful SEO automation software ever. All you have to do is customize your strategy and let it run on its own. It allows your website to compete with the most highly ranked websites, even websites that have been running for years collecting countless backlinks. All it requires you to do is customize a few settings and click “finish” and SENuke XCr automates your website promotion campaign for you! Then you can get on with your day and the software will break a leg building links for your site...